NEU OPUS – Kimberley Chakona

“Don’t put limitations on yourself.  You’re the prison warden and the prisoner with a key” This is an art news post featuring my friend Kimberley Chakona’s newly published book “NEU OPUS.” I’ve already read the entire book and her poetry is amazingly deep, as her […]

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Taran and Maddii

Taran and Maddii are 2 amazing models in the the Detroit area that I hope to interview for the site eventually. I took this shot during a shoot for Selfish Lifestyle Magazine. Taran is sporting one of our Detroit designer Jaiden Shephard’s ties. See below for […]



Over the past couple months I’ve taken on a great new endeavor and have continued meeting many great people around Detroit. We’re putting in a lot of work to build up our magazine “Selfish Lifestyle Magazine” and things are going great! This has been the push I […]


Austen Brantley

During all my discussions and interviews with people in the Detroit area, “art” is one keyword that I keep hearing as this great city continues to rebuild. Among our talented artists, sculptor Austen Brantley with his extrusive creations stands out as one of the most prominent creative […]



The future is there…. looking back at us, trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become ~ William Gibson   Model: Sarah Grocky @sarah_grocky Worldiction Arts © 2016  


Walk Runway Fashion Show 12 in Detroit

It was the event that everyone in the industry was waiting for. The Walk 12 Fashion Show! Hundreds of spectators on various levels of the theater roared as our beautiful Detroit models walked and displayed the amazing designs of various brands. More than 40 professional photographers waited […]


Worldiction no problem

“In this bright future you can’t forget your past”  – Bob Marley Just thought I’d post this as a simple update as I ramp up to post some bigger articles. Continue blessed everyone! Worldiction © 2015 Photographer: Scott Mitchell Visit: Worldiction on Facebook Scott Mitchell […]



As followers and friends are aware, I’ve taken great interest in fashion modeling and shows. This has led me to meeting some truly amazing people of both talent and beauty. Model Shia Johnson and I recently did a few shooting sessions together and her notable style […]


Split the Sky

“The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through.” ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay Connect with Mi’nah: Facebook Instagram and Twitter Worldiction © 2015 Photographer: Scott Mitchell Model: Mi’nah Visit: Worldiction on Facebook Scott Mitchell on Facebook Twitter Instagram […]


Dreams Adrift

The hours between the sun setting and it’s rise, often so quiet, yet a heart can burn in memory, or soar in dream. Ghosts released from the caverns to remind of dreams displaced to a different shore. Peace during quiet moments muted into pondering of […]


American Graffiti – Mi’nah

I was born in Detroit, but then lived almost all of my life in a rural country setting of Eastern Michigan. Eventually I started going to college and working in more populated places and loved every new experience with other cultures as well as different […]