Turning Power


During many of my drives to Caseville in Northern Michigan I take a route that is  not quite as beautiful as riding along the coast, but there are many other things to see. Driving through this field of windmills has an eerie, yet peaceful feeling. There are hundreds of them that can bee seen in all directions.

Location: Michigan

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Worldiction © 2014

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A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell

4 thoughts on “Turning Power”

  1. Makes me think of how the human soul can become mundane, conformed, and even lifeless without energy, without Life, being funneled thorough it…
    Also, Thank you for the follow. It means a lot. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! It’s actually on the other side of the state. I can’t remember the nearest city, but just a little south of Caseville. It was an unexpected find the first time I drove through there last year.

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