La Costa


During many visits to the coast of Colombia I’ve taken a lot of photos. Each part of this beautiful country has it’s own culture and scenery. The coast is definitely no exception and one finds himself in a new world of music, sunsets, great food, and incredible hospitality.

Location: Colombian Coast

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Worldiction © 2014

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Scenes, souls, and expressions

8 thoughts on “La Costa”

  1. I wish I was rich so I could travel to all these wonderful places, lol.

    The man’s features remind me of Michael Manley, one of Jamaica’s former Prime Ministers.


  2. Edysmar Diaz-Cruz says:

    You’ve truly captured the essence of Colombia. I feel like I can step into those pictures and be on my way to my Abuela’s house.

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      • Edysmar Diaz-Cruz says:

        I was born in Miami, but my mom is from Colombia and my dad is from Venezuela. However, I feel more Colombian than anything else.

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