The Other Souls


After acquiring my first 2 good quality cameras I couldn’t resist capturing much of the beauty expressed in the souls, other than humans. While we are always trying to build and modify the world to fit our ideals, they just come along for the ride with no option of doing otherwise. While watching humans change their natural world, they adjust. Can we say that any animal is not in human captivity?

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Worldiction © 2014

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Scenes, souls, and expressions

15 thoughts on “The Other Souls”

  1. these images are stunning! what camera do you use? i am looking to upgrade my canon 500D. what would you suggest? my price mark is nothing outrageous! lol about £500- 600.
    I just need to capture such beauty. not impressed with my camera any more. or is it the lens? help 😦

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    • Hey Lydie, sorry for the late reply. Between the 2 accounts I sometimes miss updates. That 500D should do a good job still actually. I mostly just use a Sony A77 with a few different lenses. A good lens alone costs £500 and up so that may make a difference. I’m just kinda learning as I go. The editing can make a great deal of difference too. I love Adobe Lightroom. Thanks for visiting my friend!


  2. I love and fear nature – photography is another addiction of mine outside of writing but I never could have gotten such wonderful shots out of fear of being attacked by a flock of birds! Such beautiful vivid photos- love them!

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    • Thanks for the comment! Sorry I’m late replying as I’ve been busy in the office and missing some things. If you think birds are scary, one time in Tennessee I got too close with my camera to some black bears that were digging in the garbage can and they chased me to the top of my car. I think my heart didn’t stop racing for one hour after that episode. In my home of Michigan I haven’t been chased by anything yet haha. I can’t wait to get out shooting again in good weather. Would be nice to have a shooting adventure partner here

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      • You’re very welcome. No sorry needed life is busy indeed sometimes I wish work wasn’t a necessity to survive unless I was doing something I totally loved of course – TN is beautiful and so calm my brother use to live there. I once nearly got attacked by geese (I know that’s probably funny everyone laughs at me) but I was shaking like that bird was a bear! Between Michigan geese and crazy squirrels I limit my contacts with animals – You’re definitely a photographer that takes risks. Despite my whacky fears I take a few myself. I like the winter time if I had an awesome camera I’d brave the weather to get some photos. I agree – adventures are probably more interesting when there’s someone else to tag along.

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        • I’m a little afraid of geese actually. They’ve even hissed at me in my company parking lot. For some reason they love hanging out around here. Every winter I plan on getting out with the camera and then get cold and stay inside. Maybe I still will get out before Spring. Yes, it is always more interesting with someone else. Not everyone has patience for this stuff though haha.

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          • Yeah I wasn’t to smart I was bike riding and rode pass a field of them the master of there clan flew at me! I thought sure it was going to knock me flat down and the others would follow him – On Wed night the snow looked stunning – covered with a layer of ice looked pretty unreal. So true in that case the adventure is better traveled alone lol Hopefully you do get out before Spring



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