Land of Opportunity

B&W, Street Photography

One of my favorite scenes is that of a person in a humble life situation. How is it that another person’s state of humility and inhibitions feel like art?

Location: Chicago

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Worldiction © 2014

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Scenes, souls, and expressions

11 thoughts on “Land of Opportunity”

    • Thanks Nadine! I just took that photo about a month ago in Chicago while doing a photoshoot. I was waiting alone outside a store while the ladies were inside looking for flats because of all the walking we were doing. I think I had enough time to walk the entire city while they were shopping lol

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  1. It’s hard to ask for monies from others. The responses can be so harsh when a simply no without attitude will do. It’s not easy begging for money and it hurts to be treated like you feel! Love in action – Treat people like you want to be treated! Valarie

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    • I’ve been homeless. You are spot on! I will always remember the love that shown by some. I felt overwhelmingly blessed when I crossed paths with someone with your outlook. (((hugs)))

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    • True words Valarie and you’re a great example of the love we should always show to others. If only we could see the souls of people rather than their predicaments and appearances we’d know they don’t look any differently than ourselves.
      Sorry for my late replies btw. I don’t know what’s up with the notifications. Maybe because I use 2 accounts to manage this site.

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    • Many thanks! Yeah, I felt a lot when I saw him there as I waited for the ladies to finish shopping in the store behind him. He seemed different than many others. At first I thought I shouldn’t take a photo of him, but then thought I have to take a photo of him just for the fact that maybe one person could be touched enough to help another soul.



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