Negotiating Smiles


Charlie Chaplin was at the “Arts, Beats, and Eats” event this summer. Interesting how a celebrity from the early 1900’s can still grasp the attention of a crowd and especially the children waiting for a balloon.

Location: Royal Oak, MI

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Worldiction © 2014

Charlie on WIkipedia

Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival  (I recommend coming to this if you like art, music, and food)

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Scenes, souls, and expressions

6 thoughts on “Negotiating Smiles”

  1. Leslie Stockton says:

    we all hide our insecurities and sad behind laughter .. great photo Scott 🙂 have a great day ..

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    • Thanks Nadine! My other one is still up, but my passion for photography has been taking over for a couple years and I just recently felt I’m at the level to have an official site for it. I’ll message you soon concerning a small participation request related to you, your art / writing, and Jamaica 🙂

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