Maureen Lermer: Photoshoot and Interview with a Model and Artist

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After doing a photo shoot in Chicago with my amazing friend Maureen, I interviewed her on her perspectives of art because I knew how it plays an important role in her life and much of what she does. She is always creating something artistic, even with food. She has always been a pleasant person to talk with and she brings a positive spirit into any room she enters. In her interview below I completely understand and can relate to her views of art.

What is your favorite type of art?
My favorite type of art, is that which is the language of human greatness, both good and bad. It allows me to ‘speak’ of that which we aspire to. It raises me from the mundane into excellence. It gives me poignancy. It liberates me from our systematic lives into the fullness of being human. It is giftedness. It is reality seen, but not lived, yet brought to offer as life. I see all of life as art.

What roles do you believe art plays in humanity?
Art is a product of culture, it both reflects and determines how people see themselves and the world around them. Because artists are creating something that begins with an idea and feeling in themselves, they are saying here, look at this, look at us.
Art can reflect the horrid and the harsh. It sometimes makes a society stop and say ” wait, no more.”
Art reflects beauty, it calls forth that longing in us to experience that beauty.
Artists stop, create, recreate, then show what humanity as a whole needs to hear, see, feel, and touch.
A healthy society needs art in all forms, including written, painted, sculpted, photographed, and songs . It has to make us stop and examine a moment in someone else’s life and reflect on our own.

Are there any new types of art you hope to dive into, or anything you’re already familiar with that you wish to dive deeper into?
I am familiar to painting and modelling. I would like to dive deep into painting but more into photo modeling.. I do modeling because I am passionate about it and love the challenges it brings with and it fits in with everything in my life. I just wanted to see how far i could get and I have never been shy about my body. I have always been an artistic person and after my first shoot I found it so fun just left me wanting more! I love how modelling allows the imagination and creativity to just run without limits. Modelling makes me feel good about myself . And I enjoy posing for the camera of course!

What is your favorite piece of art that you created?
Painting of nude women in the desert.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Model: Maureen Lermer

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12 thoughts on “Maureen Lermer: Photoshoot and Interview with a Model and Artist”

  1. Hi Scott,
    I saw your email after “talking” to my publisher and had to pop in. 🙂 You’ve heard it before, but these photos of Maureen are beyond gorgeous. Not only is she beautiful, but of course, the photographer has a great eye! Doing an interview is such a great idea, too, and her answers gave a view to art much deeper than the eye can see (wonderful job to you both)! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Lauren. Having you visit this site and compliment us is what I needed for further inspiration. 🙂 You’re a great friend (or like extended family) and your opinions mean a lot to me! I know you appreciate art as well. Many hugs!



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