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Photographer: H. Massissou

Location: Zoumandang, Chad

Worldiction © 2014

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A scene, a soul, and an expression #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell

23 thoughts on “Shared Resource”

    • Haha Lydie. Yeah I considered photoshoping it to have an HP there instead 😀
      Thanks for the comment. Hortensia actually is getting these shots in Africa. I still haven’t visited yet, but will soon hopefully!


  1. That is amazing, look at how they all sit and stare at the laptop on the bench, look at their experessions, they all seem so eager to see what that box has to offer, i love it, it is full of lots.

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    • Thanks Maureen. I loved it too as soon as she showed it to me and I laid claims on it for the site here haha. She’s been getting a lot of great shots in her adventures around


  2. Wow, Scott these pictures are so moving. The facial expressions, body language, posture and just the overall surroundings say a lot if pay attention to stories they tell. Each picture has its own vibe some happy others sad and some just life. Thanks for sharing. I’m following you and I don’t even remember this blog…not something I’d forget. Hugs Valarie

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      • Lol, perhaps you did! It was a wonderful tricks with awesome benefits of your beautiful view of the world. You have a positive affect! Love in action – Keep showing it! Valarie


    • That’s a great dream of mine Jennifer, but I’m not there yet (hopefully within a few months I’ll fly into Abidjan and venture the coast.) Miss Massissou is partnered with me to get the great shots there for the time being. Thanks for the visit!


  3. Reblogged this on Jambo Robyn and commented:
    Feast your eyes on these beautiful, intent faces. I only wish I had a chance to show this to the lady who told me she can’t read the expressions on an African person’s face. I’m thinking now that she might have meant to say that she is blinded by the beauty….


  4. Intense curiosity yet respectful distance kept in order not to block the view ; a wonderful riot of colours and one lady smiling beautifully on the right. A picture does speak a thousand words! Thanks to Robyn for sharing and to you Scott, for sharing.

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  5. This is a fantastic moment captured! Is it just me or is there a certain happiness coming from all of them towards the viewer?
    Seeing the smiling woman on the right made me wonder what they were watching. Imagination, getting busy now. 😛

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