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Most of us know that life is busy and most of us don’t have a team to delegate our personal goals to, so I can only imagine how it would be. But this photo doesn’t only represent such a scenario. I believe it represents the minds of myself and many good friends I’ve gained in the realms of art. Our minds not only fail to cease, but we try to process many things in every moment of every day. Is it a blessing or a curse? My answer to that sways back and forth, but cheers to YOU,ย fellow artists that just never stop creating! One love

Worldiction ยฉ 2015
Photographer: Scott Mitchell
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

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A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell

19 thoughts on “Bustle”

  1. My reaction is nothing different than everyone who has seen this, Scott. It’s pretty awesome and your creativity here is off the charts! Cheers to You and don’t stop creating! One love ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Big thanks Lauren! I don’t know, sometimes I just get an idea (and a little energy) and I go and do what was needed to make this photo. The crazy thing is that my busy mind actually makes me less productive sometimes. Too much analysis about how to do something rather than just doing it.

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  2. Oh, but we do have a team to handle all that we need to do Scott! It is ‘I, Me and Myself.’ Lol! I do agree that our mind never ceases – especially in the pursuit of our art! Love the concept of the ‘scene, soul and expression,’ – well thought out and executed.

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    • Thanks Wendy. Haha, that’s my team too. I’ve never been one to delegate things to others very often. Partially because I’m afraid of the task not being done correctly I guess ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks Shian! Yeah, I wish I could be that Scott always. I do have my moments though, such as the moment when I complete an inspired task. I guess that’s one driving force with creating things; the satisfaction of completion.

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  3. Ha, I love the way you captured how split we can seem and feel trying to balance our lives and the things within it! The mind its creativity is a wonderful thing! Hugs.

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  4. Very nice I like this much – I’ve seen a photo similar to this in the past and I’ve always wanted to create one – but my talent doesn’t stretch that far. This photo is the perfect depiction of how my mind feels on nearly a regular basis. Except on vacations but those are rare I force myself to think only about task at hand – relaxation! .. Sorry about the book of comment.

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    • Thanks heavenlybreeze. I know you could do this type of edit with your amazing talents. I could tell you more or assist in email if you ever decide to give it a try. I love comments of all types from my favorite writers, so there ๐Ÿ™‚

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