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This is my first actual fashion post here. During the past 3 weeks I’ve become fond of fashion shows because of the networking opportunities with so many people in the industry. Also, Detroit has some incredibly beautiful and talented models. This was a private event in the Detroit Institute of Arts. When I first entered I was early and could feel something different at this show from the others. There was an open bar and some horderves spread around. I walked back out thinking “I can’t just walk into a private event and intrude with my camera snapping.” Then, I remembered I was actually invited by a model to this event so I re-entered and was warmly welcomed by everyone. Something I’ve really grown to like at fashion shows is that everyone gives photographers our space and they did the same here. This show was for the first showing of some of Torpedo by Ashley Harvey’s new designs. I’m really surprised to discover we have amazing designers such as her right here in Detroit! The outfits are beautiful to say the least and they made them even more intriguing by wearing Asian conical hats. Much of the credit for this event goes to Desiree Nicole -Stylist/Creative Managing Director for her exquisite success in putting this all together. Remember I said this is my first fashion post, so I welcome any suggestions and criticisms from other fashion bloggers on my presentation style of the photos. I did a dynamic pop filter on every photo just to make them unexpectedly unique. Click on a photo to begin viewing the gallery.


Worldiction © 2015
Photographer: Scott Mitchell
Location: Detroit, Michigan in the Detroit Institute of Arts

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A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell

20 thoughts on “Fashion in the D”

  1. The word that comes to mind, Scott, about the designs is “chic” and it’s great that you were given such a warm welcome so you could take these wonderful photos!

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  2. Hi Scott, I wrote a nice long comment but realised after I clicked the ‘post comment’ button that the comment had disappeared. I checked back after but it wasn’t in your list of comments and at that stage, you only had one other comment. My computer had been giving trouble and has since died completely so I’m now using a borrowed computer and am attempting to send my comment again.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs … such professionalism and you have an eye for presenting the models and the outfits in the best light. You said it was your first foray into fashion photography … one would never suspect! I actually liked the model caught in a candid shot (shorts and matching top) or was that deliberate?
    Well done Scott!


    • Thanks so much Wendy! I’ve had the same thing happen to me while commenting before so now I’m trained to copy my comment (if it’s long) before posting hahaha. Not sure if it’s a WP or browser thing.
      I appreciate your compliments on the shots. The one you mention was actually posing. After the show we were all in a secluded area getting many shots; I think I got 200 or so. Yes, I like taking a lot of pics 🙂



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