NEU OPUS – Kimberley Chakona

Africa, Artists

“Don’t put limitations on yourself. 
You’re the prison warden
and the prisoner with a key”

This is an art news post featuring my friend Kimberley Chakona’s newly published book “NEU OPUS.” I’ve already read the entire book and her poetry is amazingly deep, as her writing has always been. I first met Kimberley here in the WordPress blogging realm and we’ve kept up with each other’s endeavors ever since. She has an incredibly deep mind and creativity level that has always intrigued me. The book is mainly written around the social issues that women of color have faced for centuries, but anyone that loves poetry will love this book. If you’re not a woman of color, you’ll still feel that you understand many of the deep points that Kimberley touches on in her writings. The book also contains artwork of other female artists that the poems inspired. For less than $4 you can purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon. I’m never a salesman, but that’s a steal and you’ll be supporting a great effort and cause.

Links to the book are on her website NEU OPUS

Her Instagram account is: @neuopus

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A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell

3 thoughts on “NEU OPUS – Kimberley Chakona”

  1. This is really nice of you to do, Scott. Is there a paperback option because I haven’t ventured into the kindle world, yet? I’ll check out the links, as well, and I wish Kimberly all the best. I love the “limitations” quote at the beginning, too.

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    • So sorry for the late reply Lauren. She still doesn’t have paperbacks out yet so I’m waiting for my sighed copy 🙂 Thanks so much for inquiring and the comment! She’s an amazing multi-talented artist I always appreciated

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