About Worldiction

Worldiction.com is a non-profit cause and a variety of the arts of myself (Scott Mitchell) and sometimes other artists from around the world. I look forward to interacting with creative minds in the blogosphere as I’ve previously done in the the realm of writing and poetry. I’ve made a lot of great friends and look forward to making more, so please do me the honor of sharing your own work, commenting on mine, and keeping in touch. My current focus is contributing my time and energy to promote the amazing people of the city of Detroit in the areas of art and fashion.

Worldiction” defined: Combination of 2 words, World and Diction (expression, usually in speech.) Expression from any given place in the world by art, writing, fashion, and photography. Furthermore, those who share these interests find them as addictive.

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16 thoughts on “About Worldiction”

    • Wow, thanks Jennifer! I’m honored by that as you’re an amazing photographer / adventurer that I already look up to (even just finding your site today.) I welcome any advice as I try to improve my skills in photography and seek out interesting photo subjects.


      • You’re much too kind! Thank you, your comments made my day 🙂 I’d just say keep shooting whatever makes your heart sing and it will continue to show through in your images. And when you’re looking for new inspiration, I love joining other photographers on photo walks (there are some great Detroit photo groups on meetup.com – always going to interesting locations, events, etc.) You’ve got a great eye!

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